I thought I hated C2-N2’s constant blathering. I thought I hated Risha’s self-absorbed posturing.  But Tharan Cedrax is the worst.

Things I Hate About Tharan:

  • Holiday.  Ok, that’s not technically Tharan, but she’s still even more annoying than he is, if that’s even possible.  She’s also voiced by the Risha actor, so that explains a lot.
  • Faux-British.  I can’t explain how he manages to drift his annoying accent toward the british, but he does.  When given a present, it’s “marvelous.”  His missions go “swimmingly.” Shut. Up.
  • Complaining.  Oh dear god, the whining.  “I’m a pacifist.”  Well that’s nice.  You didn’t have to join my fucking crew.  I really asked you not to.  “Am I going to get a grant for this?” when sent on a crew skill mission.  You’ll harvest that green goo and you’ll goddamn like it.
  • Flirting.  Look, dude… you have a holowhore, that doesn’t make you more attractive to women.  His innuendo is about as subtle as “The Todd” or “Ur mom” jokes.
  • Condescending.  OK, I could chop your fucking head off with my lightsaber, don’t take that tone with me, young man.  Your science isn’t that complex, especially since you make Holiday do most of the work.  I’m the Pretentious legacy, not you.

So, in the spirit of haet, I decided to punish him with a companion customization kit.

Here’s normal Tharan. Already not that hot.

With Kit 7. Punishment by mutton chop.

Trust me, nobody wants to BSOCK that.


I Hate Tharan Cedrax — 8 Comments

  1. When I met Tharan, I decided I was very happy to be a healer . . . It meant I did not have to bring him ANYWHERE, and I haven’t. Every so often, he’s managed to get a new piece of gear, but only when I had a stray thought like . . . “Oh, yeah, I guess Tharan could use this . . . not that he needs new gear . . .”

    I do like Holiday, however. Although she’s a holo, she feels somehow like a sister to my consular.

  2. Made me LOL “swimmingly”,great way to end my 13-hour 1.2 marathon,thanks Njess:)

  3. Aw, I like Tharan (even if I can’t spell his name). I think there’s something very endearing about his unwavering faith into his own awesomeness.

  4. My consular is a lady and Therans vile flirting, geek face fungus and computer-generated girlfriend make him the lest likely romance option in the game history. I think even Qyzen would be a better option. I get that he’s a tech whizz and sometimes behaves in a ‘geek stuck in a dark room for too long’ style, but my god, he’s loathsome. Some sort of Leonard/Sheldon hybrid might have been they way to go there. Theran is Wolowitz.

    • Yes! I like the term “vile flirting.” My husband’s consular is a no-nonsense older lady with gray hair. She’s even LESS amused by Tharan than my consular is.

      We joke that C2-N2 gets a restraining bolt for his incessant yabbering but there is no such device for Tharan.