From talking with a fellow healer, it has become clear that SOME DPS did not get the following memo:

From: Your Healers
RE: Fire


Ahem. Now, if you’re still having trouble after reading the above informative memo, there are a few things that you can (SHOULD) do.

1. Zoom Your Camera Out

I know your flips and twirls look awesome.  They won’t look awesome when you’re dead because you couldn’t see the fire on the floor.  Zoom out.  Way out.

Can't zoom out far enough? There's a setting for that.

2. Look and Listen For the Clues

I am the worst about playing with my sound off – however, without addons, you don’t get a ton of warning, so listen up!

  • Sometimes there is a big red warning across the screen when the boss is about to activate a special ability.

A totally real screenshot from our last raid

  • Sometimes the boss will SAY something (also will be in your chat log).  Learn what each verbal clue means.

Watch and Listen for these.  Don’t depend on someone else to call them out.

3. Don’t Walk Backwards

You back up slower than you run forward.  Always run forward out of crap, even if you’re running in the wrong direction.1  Usually, you can swing back around to the proper position.

4. Drop Everything and Run

Do not finish that channel or cast.  I don’t care if it’s on an eleventybillion hour cooldown, when you need to run, you fucking run.

5. Use Cooldowns, But Not As A Substitute To GTFO

Using cooldowns is good.  You still have to get the hell out of the fire, fast.  Use them when you’re running out of the fire.  Don’t pop your cooldown and say “don’t worry guys, I’m mitigating the… OW IT BURNS.”

6. Excuses Will Not Save You

You didn’t have lag.  The dog didn’t pee on your keyboard.  Just suck it up and do better next time.

This post is dedicated to Veela.  No, not the one from the Revan novel.

  1. Advanced lesson – mouse turn so you’re in the right direction, fool!


In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream That You Need Heals — 11 Comments

  1. PS. A little situational awareness can’t hurt, dear DPS. If you go down the stairs or around the pillar, I have a lot of other people to worry about so I can’t just chase you around. Nor do I want to, honestly.

    • Seriously, maintaining line of sight/range of the healer is an advanced lesson, but necessary.

  2. Also, unlike WoW and most other MMO’s, jumping slows down your run speed as well. Jumping may or may not reduce the amount of damage you take from standing in the bad (depending on what the bad is), but jumping definitely increases the amount of time it takes you to get out of the bad all together.

  3. PPS Oh, and if you choose to ignore all of this sage advice, DO NOT expect to get healed through your stupidity. KTHXBAI

    “There is no cure for stupid.”

    • Thanks! I had my graphics turned all the way up! You can really see the detail.