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Write your own “Now That The Game Is 3 Months Old…” post and leave a comment here if you do.

Fortunately, I can look back on the blog and see what happened in the last 3 months.  I’m such a slacker.

1.  I surprised myself with class choice

The most important decision I made, game-wise, was changing my main from a healer to a melee dps.  At first, I was apprehensive about doing something new, but it all worked out (after a few hiccups).

2.  I got a new gaming system

About the end of January, my computer dropped dead in a spectacular fashion.  I got a real gaming rig, my first real gaming pc that is made specifically for gaming.  It has a transparent case, 3 fans, and red lights.  It’s pretty and I feel spoiled having it.  It also decreased my load times, which made me more willing to take random trips to Nar Shaddaa for shopping purposes.

3. I got into orange gear, hardcore

I didn’t expect to be able to really custom design my outfits but yes that was possible through the magic of synthweaving (and the poor, tolerant husband making me all sorts of armormech stuff).  Right now I may look like a clown, but in a few months that will be just a distant screenshot, like 80’s hair.

4. I raided

I guess that should be “I hit 50 and raided” but really, I was always going to hit 50, eventually.  Raiding with the Snarkers has been awesome.  We may not be hard core pwning nightmare modes, but we are having a lot of fun.

5. Companions!

I didn’t really expect to be as “into” companions as I was (as we all were).  We got sucked into their personalities and formed strong opinions about them.  We got the -1 of Shame (often). We BSOCKed them, or tried.  It’s great to have a butt for all your jokes who isn’t a real player who might be offended or insulted.

6. We compared notes

The great thing with a story is that it’s interesting, and you want to share it with people, same as you would want to share if something cute/funny/etc happened to you in real life.  The best part is comparing outcomes when you answered the same story differently.  “Oh really? I chose option 3, and Satele Shan scolded me for half an hour.”


Three Months In — 5 Comments

  1. ”Oh really? I chose option 3, and Satele Shan scolded me for half an hour.”

    ^Have you ever told Satele Shan that you will save the Republic (do a FP) for her on the condition that if you die, she builds an epic statue of you for your daring heroic?

    • Of course, that’s the only way a smuggler would agree to such a crappy mission.

  2. I originally stole this idea from Shintar then I stole it from you and then I linked it back to Kristalys. I think I triple stole it.

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