Patch 1.2: Want And Do Not Want

Patch 1.2 is bringing a lot of fixes to annoying bugs and stuff, but also some serious changes and rebalancing.  In no particular order, I’m especially excited about some of the changes, and especially hateful of others.



Strip all the mods from purples (like Columi gear).  Do you understand how dorky I look in my columi gear?  REALLY DORKY.

Augment Slots In Crafted Oranges.  Not only CAN I strip my mods out of my columi gear and put it in oranges, but there will actually be a stat bonus for doing so if there’s an augment slot.  I will re-craft all the things!

Synthweavers Make Some Augments.  O RLY?  This just keeps getting better and better.

Moddable Belts and Bracers.  Orange legacy gear?  Whatever.  Orange legacy belts and bracers?  GIMME.  (I might add that for my highest level legacy gear, the moddable belt is a LEAF BUTT.  I wish I were joking.)

Sentinel Stuff

Force Kick doesn’t cost focus.  One would think that I would be smart enough to save one lousy focus in case I need to kick.  I am not smart enough and missed an interrupt.  This change is for idiots like me.

Dispatch can be used on targets at 30% health rather than 20%.  Well good.  I mean, the Columi set bonus buffs Dispatch and really it’s a craptastic bonus if dispatch can be used 1/5 of the time (and pretty much not at all on trash/adds).

Smuggling (Healer)

You can now have 3 stacks of upper hand.  Um, yes.  As mentioned before, it’s always good to keep one stack up at all times to get the passive healing bonus, which means you have 2 more stacks to play with instead of just 1.

Duration of Upper hand increased.  Yay!  Now the stupid thing won’t fall off just as I’m about to use it.

Do Not Want:

Removal of Giggle from Smuggler (upon Upper Hand proc).  Ok, guys, seriously, how the fuck am I going to know if it’s procced?  The awesome indicators on the UI, har har?  Gimme mah giggle back.

That dumb legacy stuff.  I won’t rehash, I got a link.

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    Patch 1.2: Want And Do Not Want — 14 Comments

      • I wouldn’t care too much if the UI weren’t so craptastic (even after the changes). Maybe make the giggle self-only so nobody else has to listen to it?

    1. Force kick doesn’t cost focus: How about getting it off the global cooldown while they are at it. Worst case having to wait 2 second to interrupt something. Don’t bother with animations.

    2. I have no relevant comment to make so instead I’ll sing a song.

      Walk Like a Trandoshan (an original production!)

      All the old holograms on the tombs
      They do the Scorekeeper dance don’t you know
      If they move too quick (oh whey oh)
      They shoot you down like a wookiee oh

      All the T’doshok around Dosh
      They got the credits from a bet
      Golden nekk dogs (oh whey oh)
      They snap their teeth on your ammo belt

      Outsider types with spice-filled pipes say
      Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
      Walk like a Trandoshan

      Kaas City waitresses take their trays
      Slave collars on as they cross the floor
      They’ve got the moves (oh whey oh)
      You drop your drink when you zap them more

      All the Sith kids so sick of good
      They like the dark side and mercenary bands
      When the klaxons ring (oh whey oh)
      They’re walking like a Trandoshan

      All the kids in the GTN say
      Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
      Walk like a Trandoshan

      Slide your claw feet up the street bend your tail
      Shift your arm then you pull it back
      Life is hard you know (oh whey oh)
      So strike a pose on a Korrealis Commander

      If you want to find the Trando cops
      They’re hanging out in the flatcake shop
      They sing and dance (oh whey oh)
      Spin the vibroblades cruise down the block

      All the Coruscanti men with their zen
      The party boys call the Balmorrans
      And the Tarisians know (oh whey oh)
      They walk the line like Trandoshans

      All the Trando cops in the flatcake shop say
      Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
      Walk like a Trandoshan
      Walk like a Trandoshan

      • See, I love it, but I am thinking “why didn’t he post this on his OWN blog because it’s totally blog fodder?” So, um, you have to!

        • I think you just want me to stop posting here. IT’S OK NJESSI I KNOW WHEN IT’S OVER!

          *turns around, one tear dramatically hanging from chin and runs into the distance*

          • Nah, I’m just extremely lazy and view everything as blog fodder. “Hey I took a screenshot of my character’s hideous outfit, now I don’t have to write something today.”

    3. I already miss my giggle and it’s not even gone yet! Please, benevolent Bioware gods, please. I need my giggle.