Lately Joun (the husband) has been letting Little Jedi play a level 8 smuggler alt (named Cornelius or some alternate spelling thereof).  She hangs out on Ord Mantell in the newbie area and “pews the guys” using the spammed basic attack.  And sometimes she wanders around.

Last night on IM…

me: so [Little Jedi] says “look i have a friend”
me: i look and she’s managed to accept a group invite
me: from [Joun’s Guildmate’s] ALT
me: he had no idea it was her
me: it was lulz

Joun: wait what?

me: he was confused at first
me: i explained that it was [Little Jedi] me: the 4 year old
me: funniest. thing. ever
me: remember, cornelius is guilded
me: so it said cornelius [Joun’s Legacy Name], he assumed it was you

Joun: I didn’t think cornelius was guilded. I knew he’d have [Legacy Name] as a last name

me: apparently he is
me: unless she got a guild invite while I wasn’t looking
me: which is entirely possible
me: since she got a group invite too!
me: omg he guilded our kid?
me: hahahahhaha

Joun: I am going to guess yes

That’s right.  I turn around for 2 minutes and she’s grouped and guilded. WHAT THE HELL?


Little Jedi’s Adventures Playing SWTOR — 6 Comments

  1. That is hilarious and scary, all at the same time. I don’t think I could let my 4yr old online yet!


    • The good thing is that she can’t read yet, so even if pervs are being foul in general or sending her whispers, she won’t know the difference. Once she can read and actually use chat functions, we’re going to have to be more vigilant.

  2. It says something about my life when a four year old is more successful at socializing with people in a video game than I am. 😛

  3. Before my youngest could use chat, back in WoW, I kept having to tell her, “Don’t follow other characters around. It makes them nervous.”

    Then she tried to chat with people . . . random letters in the chat window. I’d come to the computer, see what was happening, and apologize to whomever was getting really mad at this crazy chat.

    After she learned to read and write somewhat, she would strike up conversations with strangers, which led to the rule “You may not talk to other players or join groups or guilds.”

    I also used to take her out of as many chat channels as I could get away with. If her character was on my main’s server, I’d invite her characters into the guild where I was an officer, then take her out of guild chat, putting a memo in her guild note to that effect. (In this way, the guild tag acted as a sort of protective umbrella, and having her out of chat meant she couldn’t bug the guild members any more than they would have to worry about her presence.)

    In SWTOR, I don’t worry about the chat, because it’s positioned up at the top of the screen, so my now almost-9-yr-old really doesn’t look at it. (Too busy looking at the action bars.) I haven’t explored turning off chat channels yet, but I suppose I should take a look . . .

  4. Your Little Jedi cracks me up with her grand adventures in trying to be just like her parents. XD Impressive job with getting herself a guild invite there!