Hey look, half-naked jedi dancing in the starport.

They've attracted the attention of this fellow on a speeder.

It's like a train wreck. I can't turn away.

But this dude has stripped down, ready to join them.

At which point, I utter some uncouth language.

Little Jedi responds: “Mommy, what’s a ‘stinky ho’?”

/facepalm (at least she didn’t pick up the word “skanky”…)


[Screenshots] It’s Kinda Like Dancing On Mailboxes — 5 Comments

  1. I guess we find them in every game. Any way to to stash them away in the SWTOR version of Goldshire?

  2. oh dear. XD

    I’ve run into a couple of these sorts of dance parties. Always seems like some guy will come along and strip to join in.

  3. I was doing that in Beta with my Chiss Bounty Hunter. I managed to get him in synchronized with an NPC Twi’lek dancer in a Cantina in a Hutt Palace on Hutta on the first day I played this game hahaha. It was awesome.