I really like companions, but there are a few things I would change…

1. Hide Helm.  FFS people!  I want to see my companion’s face.  I don’t want to listen to a voice coming out of a bucket head.

2. Get Companions Earlier (before level 30).  You spend SO LONG with your first companion and you’re wishing for some variety.  Also, when I get a companion at level 40, you might as well just print “ur a crafting mule” on his head.  If a companion is going to be invaluable to my role (like, say, a healer companion for a melee dps toon), I’m going to suffer if that companion is given to me very late.

3. More Healers and Tanks.  It would be ideal if all companions had a heal or tanking mode.  Generally, you find yourself taking along a tank or a healer.  If you had more than one healer, you’d have some more variety in choices of whom to bring along.  Right now, as soon as you get “the” companion that is appropriate for you, that’s your perma-buddy.

4. Easier Gearing.  Once you have 5 companions, it’s hard to keep them all geared, which just leads to the same old problem of bringing the same one every time.  And many of them can’t wear orange pieces that are restricted.  For example: heavy armor that is restricted to “trooper or jedi knight” cannot be used by your friendly neighborhood Corso.

5. More Companion Quests.  I was pretty disappointed that the first companion gives you a quest to go somewhere and do something, but all the rest just want to have conversations.  Sigh.  I realize that if your companion/main combination is not ideal, a quest where you’re forced to bring a specific companion might be difficult.  But the companion quests could be easier than others…

6. Conversation Spacing.  Ok, when my companions gain affection, they want to talk to me at specific affection levels.. which is spaced out nicely.  Unless the conversations are gated by finishing chapter 1 or whatever – in which case, they just build up and once Chapter 1 is done, the companions want to chat and chat and chat and have all the conversations back-to-back.  Maybe there should be a minimum time between these conversations?  Maybe a day?  It’s pretty disconcerting to have your companion say “this will take a long time to track down” – you finish the conversation, and then there’s another triangle… you click and “HEY I FOUND IT!”  Mmkay.

7. Chat when I want to Chat.  I joke the Corso is a typical man… when he wants to talk, I should make time to hear him out, but when I want to talk and I click on him he says something like “I have nothing to say.” Grrr.  Even if it’s a dumb little inconsequential conversation, there should be SOMETHING.

What would you change about your companions?


Companion Wishlist — 18 Comments

  1. Thankfully the companion helm hiding is already on its way.

    When you get the companions, level-wise, is totally dependent on the class. I loved that the Trooper got so many companions early on, but it made some of the other classes suck that don’t get even their second real companion until close to the end of act 1.

    I’ll agree with all the rest, particularly 4. I spend commendations on modable gear for the companions and rely on crew skills to update them as needed. I only pay close attention to my main companion though, which is most often a healer (if I have one).

  2. The main thing I would change is give the option to romance a companion at any point in the game (given you’ve had them for a minimum amount of time and they like you). I seem to have missed the one or two options to flirt with Aric and now I appear to be friend-zoned forever, which I think is pretty harsh. Is it so strange that he grew on me slowly?

    • My husband feels the same way about Elara, because he’s been “friend zoned” and now she’s giving him these awkward girl-talk heart-to-hearts that are clearly meant for, well, girls. He’s saying that he needs a title “The Lonely.”

  3. RE: gearing. I wish they’d have “Companion Gear”. I’d even accept them not being able to wear regular gear. Then my quest reward could be “Companion Layered Bracers” instead of a choice between Corso’s Layered Bracers, Bowdaar’s Layered Bracers, Risha’s Layered Bracers, Spar’s Layered Bracers or Guss’s Layered Bracers. When I equip the “Companion Bracers” all my companions get a simultaneous bracer upgrade. Problem solved. Now I don’t have to spend a FORTUNE on GTN if I want to take Akaavi out for a spin.

  4. The main thing I wish for companions? That I got SCORPIO earlier. That awesome little sex bot is just what the doctor ordered … what? Why are you looking at me like that?! SHE LOVES ME, CAN’T YOU SEE THAT!

    But no seriously, Agents should get a second real companion before Alderaan, dammit (ship droid doesn’t count). Waiting till early 30s with only Kaliyo is just too much.

    Oh, and I wish they’d bring back the option to kill companions if the story leads you there. I’d like to plug Quinn for the crap he pulled.

    Oh, and one more thing … Vette is just the cutest when she gets all flustered and stuff. That was less a wish and more an observation.

  5. I definitely agree with a lot of this. I especially think they need to rethink giving back tanking companions their damage reduction. They apparently also got damage reduction along with their tanking stance, but this was removed before the game went live. Without it, Tanking Companions are just extremely high threat DPS. Why would I ever want to use that? They definitely need some help in that department. Especially at higher levels. Skadge would almost instantly die as a tank when I first got him. Pointless.

    Depending on the class, I really liked only having Mako for most of Act 1. It really helped form an interesting bond with her over the other companions. She was the one from the get-go. All these other guys? Yea. Hanger on’s from after I won the Hunt. Tryin’ to get up in my glory! But I can see how some other classes might prefer a few more companions.

  6. I agree with this post, but I’m really commenting to say I tagged you in the Sixth Image Meme. Let’s see the sixth image in your SWTOR folder! 🙂

  7. Aim melee is a problem. For instance you won’t find a moddable weapon for him because of this. There are no weapon hilts with the aim attribute.

    And yes, I agree with getting a second companion earlier. Especially if you play a dual purpose class like healer/dps or tank/dps. You want to adapt your companion choice to your spec as soon as possible. It might not make a difference by the time you get your ship, but by level 20, 22 the classes usually become more defined and so should your companion

  8. I absolutely agree on the “more healers and tanks” front. Especially more healers. On both of my Sith Warriors, I love having a healer companion. But my first Sith Warrior spent every second of his life from level 20 something to where he’s at now (level 43) with Quinn in tow. While I don’t dislike Quinn, I would like to switch things up a bit the second time.

    The other thing I really wish I had was more companion customization. The customizations are a really nice idea, but I’d love to have like the companion barbershop/skintone/facial hair location where I could change those individually. Sometimes there just isn’t a customization I like.

  9. Get Companions Earlier …


    A greater variety of companions is needed earlier on, esp. since companion affection effects crafting results. Some people already mentioned the painful light-side Kem Vhal. This holds true for other companions as well.

  10. Corso strikes me as the type of guy who would have an inconsequential conversation with you about Hewie.

    “Hey Captain, did you see the look on that guys face right before Hewie chopped off both his arms? Pretty coool eh?”

  11. Re: affection
    Have you noticed how you get 15 points on average per positive action for your first companion. The you get 17 points for Kira, which is a second companion you can get at level 15 or so. Now I am getting 22 points per response with Bowdaar, which is a late second companion. I don’t recall how much I get from Elara Dorne, I am thinking 20 points. Which tells me they are trying to make up for the lower number of quests you can do with each companion.

    • That’s exactly right. It’s “catching up.” Which is sort of awesome but sort of sucks. In the course of 2 “bad” responses, I lose 300+ affection with Scourge. That’s more than 3 green presents, which costs MONEY. I sent his ass back to the ship. At least when I piss off Kira or Doc, they don’t cost me much.