Have you gotten a toon into game and discovered that the voice coming out of your character’s mouth was just ALL WRONG?  Well, I did!

See, I was unaware that the female trooper was so badass.  Like amazingly badass.  Like kill you in the FACE badass.  And well, my trooper, despite her giant tattoo was just not badass enough.  The voice coming out was all wrong.

Out with the old...

So now she’s a zabrak who means SRS BZNS.

... and in with the PWN

OK, rerolling a lvl 11 toon was a bit painful (I had to delete the first one to reclaim the name), but better now than later.  Plus I am skipping some dialogue that I have done before and remember well.  What can I say?  It is easier the second time.

The new and improved trooper is casually at level 7, courtesy of the Master Jedi (Gramma) taking the Little Jedi to the park.


Character Appearance and Voice — 10 Comments

  1. Yes! Welcome to the zabrak community. We have excellent voices. And who needs a giant face tattoo when your entire face can have lines and shading?

    • If you recall, my jedi knight is ALSO a zabrak, so I was feeling a little weird having 2 of them (my plan was one of everything) but… she just looks so badass… and there’s no equivalent spiky hairdo for the non-horned people.

  2. I still continue to be slightly taken aback by the badass-ness of my trooper’s voice every now and then, but I just roll with it now.

    I was really thrown for a loop when I started my Imperial Agent and she turned out to have the same voice actor as female Hawke in Dragon Age 2. Took me a little to remind myself that no, in this game I’m not a friendly, helpful mage.

  3. Honestly, the voice thing has been a big problem for me. I don’t know how many characters I’ve deleted and remade to make sure I get the look that matches the voice. The biggest problem for me with this is… there is no way I will ever be able to play an elderly character. Oh, I can make one. But the voices will never match in my head. 🙁 Stinks for my uber-awesome grandpa sith warrior idea.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Also, sometimes the lines don’t sound the way you think they will. Like you are going for snark and you end up with holier-than-thou jerkiness (i.e. Jedi everyone).

  4. Love your new Zabrak trooper model!

    I was originally a bit thrown when I made my female trooper and discovered that I was listening to the voice of female Shepard. Now, though, my trooper is simply aspiring to Shepard-level badassery! I love it. I was dismayed when I discovered that the male trooper is the voice behind DA2’s Varric – I almost had to make a second – but I’ve been getting my fix anyway since my bf rolled a trooper to play with my smuggler, so I hear him talk in the group. I thought I’d have an issue with my Agent sounding like Hawke (since my Hawke was super nice, if sometimes snarky).. but she plays such a great evil character!

    I sort of feel like I am stalking voice actors through different BioWare titles..

    • The voice acting is super important and yeah I totally get the stalking. When Corso says something like “you shouldn’t hit the ladies” I actually feel bad about it. When the wookiee furball chastises me in growls it’s like dude, shut it, don’t care.