Yes, I am whining again about the UI.  But seriously!

OK, I have this… thing called “upper hand.”  Without getting too technical for you non-smugglers out there, certain abilities trigger “upper hand” and certain abilities consume it.  I can have 2 stacks of upper hand at a time and consume each stack separately.  With me so far?

Now, I’m not perfect.  I can’t always remember whether I have one stack or two.  And sometimes the only reason I know I have any stacks at all is that the icons for abilities that consume upper hand are not grayed out.  Pretty ghetto, right?  The only other option is to look at the teeny weeny icons on your character frame.  Blech.

So, Dear Bioware, this is what I want for Xmas: A reasonably visible Upper Hand tracker that shows me (1) HOW MANY STACKS I have; and (2) HOW LONG I have before the damn thing drops off.  Kthx.


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