SPOILER WARNING: This post contains the identity of a romanceable male companion for the female republic trooper and the identities/characteristics of other romanceable companions in the game.  It does not reveal storyline of those romances, as I have no idea what they are.  Enter at your own risk.





OK, so I was looking over a list of companions everyone gets and I’m thinking… hrm, I don’t see a pool-boy looking male for trooper companions.  Maybe I’m just not looking at the right list… So I find a list that details the romanceable companions and my jaw drops…

Surely this cannot be right.  Oh but it is…

The romanceable companion for female Troopers is… Aric Jorgan.  The Cathar.  The cat-man.1

Are you kidding me?  The rest of them get hot twi’leks and smexy humans and I get… Garfield.

Well, that is not cool.  Not cool at all.  It’s downright unfair.

But hey, we’re going to look at the bright side of the situation:

  1. I can distract him with a laser pointer.  It makes a great companion gift.  Cheap too!
  2. The way to his heart is clearly through bacon (well, that’s all men).
  3. He won’t be using the ship’s shower.
  4. He sleeps 20 hours a day (OK that may not be so useful…)
  5. If he annoys me, I can squirt him with a water bottle.
Don’t forget to spay or neuter your companion (although you might lose affection for it).
  1. In theory the people not wishing to see spoilers should have averted their eyes by now, but we’re being safe.  So humor me and highlight.  Kthx.


[Spoiler] About The Female Trooper Romance Option — 11 Comments

  1. I think that’s kind of awesome 🙂 I don’t know how to do the spoiler blacking out thing sorry, but making all sorts of cat jokes in the non-blacked-out section underneath the highlighted text kind of gives it away anyway.

    He’s very grumpy, but I thought it was kind of cute when he sounded so taken aback when I gave him that military history artifact. Like, “A gift for… me? Really? Wow, that’s very… unexpected. And thoughtful. Hmm.”

    I think he could grow on me.

    • Well, regarding spoilers, I did a poll and people REALLY did not want a truncated feed. But I also did not want people to have to highlight EVERYTHING. So I figured copious warnings, as well as a spoiler tag in the title, would help people avoid things they did not want to see, without being overly burdensome.

      As for spoilers in the comments… well if it’s on a SPOILER ARTICLE then of course spoilers will be in the comments. I made sure to nuke the comment excerpts in the sidebar so nobody will accidentally see anything they don’t want to.

      Hopefully that is enough. I really want to preserve the experience for those who want it while at the same time not censor myself in writing about things that strike my interest. After all, in time, a lot of these “Spoilers” won’t be spoilers to a good chunk of the playerbase that has already gone through the content. And some people (like me) don’t care about spoilers and will read it anyway 🙂

      In short, I’m ALWAYS open for suggestions on how to improve the blog’s spoiler hiding technology, while not making life too difficult for the feed reader crowd.

  2. While we’re talking about romance options, I am really not sure about
    Torian Caldera for Bounty Hunter females. I would rather romance Mako than a Justin Bieber.

    • Fortunately, you can customize your companion later on, and a better hairdo may present itself.

  3. The trooper has weird romance options all around. Male Troopers get Miss Quotes-Regulations-At-Me. X_x WHY CAN’T SGT JAXO BE A COMPANION! I actually enjoy talking to her! /cry /sob /weep

    • You can only start dating her if you file a relationship requisition form in triplicate. Thanks, Futurama!

      • Don’t forget to save your carbon copies of that form for at least 5 years after the break up.

    • So does my husband. He’s super-pissed that he’s a tank so he’s always stuck with Elara. He says 4X sounds like Calculon.