YES, I KNOW I AM LAME.  I know that it’s stupid to spend the first night in regular-beta goggling at the character creation screen.

But holy crap, guys… there is a lot of stuff I didn’t realize before.  A twi’lek is not necessarily a twi’lek.  Available features for a character species can change by faction or class.  SERIOUSLY.

So, let’s have a disclaimer here that I’m not the most thorough tester and things are liable to change…


  • Each class has its own cybernetics.  Seriously.   It’s not just per faction, it’s by class.
  • The smuggler ones are still old and “clunky.”  Hopefully they get an overhaul like some of the others that look incredibly swanky. Because right now I’m so wishing I could be an imperial agent.
  • Male and female of the same class appear to get the same cybernetics.
  • Male facial hair is “attached” to cybernetic options.  Which I hate but I suppose that not all beards go with all implants.
  • Imperial Bounty Hunters can have face paint (tied to cosmetics slider in females)
  • Sith Warriors and Republic Troopers can have facial tattoos (tied to cosmetics slider in females)
  • Edit: Sith Inquisitors have “slave scars”
  • For whatever reason, the females at least have far fewer hairdos than the other human-like-races.  But they still have many varieties of the mohawk (?!)
  • Edit: Sith Inquisitors have slave scars.
Sith Pureblood
  • Edit: Sith Inquisitors have slave scars.
  • Edit: Sith Inquisitors have slave scars.
  • Lekku pattern is tied on one slider with cosmetics (for females).  I hate that.  Thought I’d share.
  • Edit: Empire/Republic have different Lekku Markings
  • Empire and Republic have different tattoo options.
  • Empire has option of red skin.  Republic does not.
  • Imperial zabraks have red rings around their irises (which looks EVIL).
  • Edit: Sith Inquisitors have slave scars.
  • All the Republic female tattoos include the chin and remind me of a goatee or 5 o’clock shadow.  So sad.
If you want to see a long video overview of character creation, go here!  It’s far better than any of MY screenies would be.  Oh wait, it turns out I couldn’t properly take screenies and ended up installing fraps.  I hope to be less fail soon.

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