My mom is visiting in late November (Thanksgiving).  Ok, no big deal… it’s unlikely that the early access for preorders will start that early.

My dad wants to visit “mid-December.”  Yargh.  That will probably be right during early access.  And he’ll be sleeping in the computer room.  Double argh.

Then… my in-laws will be in town for Xmas.  Right after release.  They won’t be staying with us, but still… that seriously cuts into my play time.

And after Xmas, some WoW guild mates will be in town.  I am excited about this!  I hope I’m not too worn down by all the previous obligatory visits.

But AFTER all that, it will be PLAY TIME!  I may even take a vacation day or two and send the Little Jedi to school… bwahhaha.

Holidays suck.

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